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Privacy Policy and legal information

Last Updated 26th February 2019

By using our site, you agree to the following:

When visiting this site

We collect analytics on how our website is used but we don't collect personal data in this process. Data is anonymised and aggregated to form usable statistics so we can improve user-experience and make our website easier for all.


Our website can only be accessed via TLS (Transport Layer Security) which encrypts the connection between your computer and our services, this prevent third-parties from intercepting the connection and personal data entered on our website.

All data stored is done so in a secure and appropriate manner.


Please view our Cookie Policy for details on how we use and manage cookies.


During your visit we will record information about where you visit across the website. This data is anonymous and cannot be personally identified with you.

When you send us information

When you contact us, we will keep a copy of your information so we can fulfil your requests to the full. This data is stored securely and can be removed on request unless we are legally required to keep the information. To make a Subject Access Request, or request data erasure, contact us for assistance.

External Links

We cannot guarantee the content of external resources and any external resources are not covered by this agreement.

Fulfilling Quotations

To fulfil a quotation, relevant information must be passed to Vitality and will be handled in accordance to the legal documents provided by Vitality (found here:

Tidio Chat

If you start a conversation on Tidio chat, you agree to cookies being stored so we can identify the conversation when you change pages, you also agree to following conditions as laid out by Tidio: and

As with our own security policies, Tidio used TLS to encrypt your connection to prevent data interception. Conversation records are held by Tidio as per their terms of service.


We reserve the right to change and amend this agreement at any time. Notices will be provided upon alteration of this agreement.

If any clause in this agreement is not lawful or cannot be legally enforced then that clause is deemed void and separable from this agreement. This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales. Any disputes that cannot be resolved by discussion between the relevant parties of this agreement can only be resolved by a court of England and Wales.

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