Safeguarding the people who matter most to your business and its success.

Your key employees are your biggest assets, without them you don’t really have a business.
We can help you consider the most suitable business protection plans to help keep your business moving in the right direction, should something ever happen to them – or you.

Business Protection pays out a sum of money to your company, should a key person in your organisation die or suffer a serious illness. You can take out either Life Cover for Business or Life Cover and Disability Cover for Business. To make your best people feel more valued, you can also take out Relevant Life Cover that pays out a sum to their family if the worst should ever happen.

How it helps

With Business Protection, you’re giving your company an extra degree of long-term stability and reassurance, enabling your organisation to protect itself against unforeseen challenges to its future success.

If your company is not exclusively family-owned, this type of protection can provide you the necessary money to buy back your partner’s shares from their beneficiaries and retain control over the business. Shareholder and Partner Protection provides a business with a cash lump sum if one of the owners dies or suffers a severe illness.

How it helps

This lump sum helps the remaining business owners minimise disruption to the business, by providing capital that enables them to buy that shareholder’s or partner’s shares and so keep control of their business. This works equally well for partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships or limited companies.

Packages include: wellness day events & healthchecks PLUS mental health awareness workshops

Taking care of physical and mental health in the workplace in association with:

Packages include: wellness day events & healthchecks PLUS mental health awareness workshops

Employee Benefits

We provide a bespoke offering to business clients with employees from 2 up to 52, with three main aims:

Healthier and more engaged employees are more efficient and productive, which with the rewards and benefits we put in place all add up to a happier and more productive workforce.

Active and healthy employees have a 26%* lower absence rate than inactive employees.

Having a benefits package that engages staff and provides them with benefits that they actually want and value makes your business an attractive proposition for new staff and helps to retain existing staff.

* Percentage based on the relationship between the absence levels and Vitality engagement over a 12 month period of Vitality's existing small business customers who have completed their Vitality Age.

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